Dental Softworks DS CAM.

The 5-axis CAM solution uses the pre-defined CAD / CAM technology and impresses with its unparalleled user-friendliness and speed.

So fast can be precision.

With the DS CAM, dental technicians bravely combine their acquired technical expertise and their aesthetic thinking.

Efficiency can only be achieved by creating a perfect end result with a short time-limit.

Take the time to make a decision that will change a lot.

With the DS CAM you are working more efficiently than ever before.

Even if you are not incorporated into the CAM-Software you can still achieve high quality results through the automatic mode.

From the first day of use.  The concern that they must study the CAM before you can continue their daily work is unfounded.

With its intelligent templates, numerous automation options and an interface that you take from the start, the DS CAM is a self-developed, innovative software,
Who are already waiting to make your work easier.



No other software is so fast as the DS CAM.  The DS CAM is still unbeaten with the computing speed.

The DS CAM ensures the fastest calculation and shortest milling times. Of course not at the cost of quality.







High accuracy is the requirement for high quality in the final product.

The DS CAM offers everything required for the highest precision.

Just a perfect end result is a good one for us.








The CAM has a lot of optimization possibilities, so maximum space for individual adaptations at your own discretion.

The CAM software offers a multitude of optimization possibilities, so that the maximum freedom for individual adjustments is given.

Their versatility makes them unique ... They are the right software, for any kind of work.


Easy to use, without any compromise. The DS CAM generates an intuitive workflow.

You'll get supported from the work preparation through the nesting to the final 3D milling simulation.






Focus on the user. DS CAM in the  4th  generation. 

Currently, the development of the DS CAM V4 runs on high speed.
The CAM of the 4th genaration will be presented soon.

You can look forward to a product that is more innovative than anything else in dental software development.

For example, the milling cutter and the material to be milled will influence the milling strategy in the future. The software calculates the most efficient nesting on several blanks at the same time. WPF Design makes it possible to create a simple user interface, although a highly complex software forms the basis.

Once again, a milestone in efficiency and user friendliness will be presented.

...Once again  it is the proximity to the customer, an analysis of the work processes, with the courage to innovate, which makes it easier for us to develop a software that brings your daily work to a higher level.

You want to learn more about the CAM?

Please use the contact form for more informations about the product or how to purchase a license. 

You can also request a call back, one of our employees will contact you as soon as possible.


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